About the Bella Teresina Inn

Theresa DetoreCheck Availability and Make ReservationsBella Teresina Inn is named after Theresa Detore, the maternal grandmother of co-owner and assistant Innkeeper, Jeff DiDonato.  The photo you see is a picture of her from her childhood that used to hang on the wall on her back porch.  The original photo also includes her older brother, Mike Maouri, and dates back to the 1920’s. 

The photo always intrigued Jeff and when his grandmother died in 2007 his mother, Bonnie, obtained possession of the old picture.  The death of his grandmother was an extremely emotional event because much of Jeff's life was spent at her house just sitting and listening to old stories and eating her amazing homemade Italian food.  Grandma Theresa always had a way of making everyone feel special and welcomed at her home.

Knowing that one day he and his wife, Danielle, would manage their own business in Ohio's Grand River Valley wine country, he tried to figure out a way to pay tribute to his grandmother’s memory by naming the business after her.  Although this would seem like an extremely difficult task it actually took just a few hours for the name to pop into his head – “Bella Teresina”, or beautiful Theresa. 

During his childhood, Jeff would visit the cemetery where all of his ancestors rest, to help his grandma fix up the graves for Memorial Day.  One monument, in particular, always intrigued Jeff.  This monument was a large upright stone for his great-great grandparents that reads “Teresina, wife of Michaelangelo.” 

As a matter of fact, his Uncle Mike used to call his grandmother by another name that Jeff always thought was pronounced Trizine; but it turned out he was actually calling her Teresina since she was named after her great-grandmother.  All of these memories flooded his mind and then, in the blink of an eye, he was hit with “Divine Inspiration” and the name Bella Teresina next to the picture of his grandmother, so young and beautiful came rushing into his head. 

Thus, the inspiration for our new business was born.  It is our sincere hope and desire that we pay homage to our wonderful grandmother by “paying forward” all of the kindness, beauty and gentleness, and lest we forget the wonderful food, that Grandma Theresa shared with us for 88 years, with our guests. 

Welcome to our home – please make it your home as well.
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